Zero Lighting and Thomas Bernstrand add two lighting designs to Lumo assortment

Dezeen Showroom: designer Thomas Bernstrand and lighting model Zero Lighting have added two designs to the Lumo lighting assortment, which now features a wall-mounted lamp and a pendant designed to be threaded and held on a size of wire.

Each newly added lamp designs have a conical shade harking back to the unique Lumo pendant, which is produced from a curved sheet of six-millimetre-thick aluminium.

One model of the Lumo mild is designed to be suspended from a wire

The Lumo catenary pendant might be suspended overhead on a wire or cable and the Lumo wall lamp has a round wall mount.

Zero Lighting added a diffuser throughout the lamp’s conical shade to assist distribute mild evenly and keep away from glare.

White sconce lamp on exterior wall above outdoor staircase
Lumo is appropriate to be used inside and outdoors

Accessible in black and white finishes, the 2 lamp designs are licensed to be used each indoors and outdoor.

Product: Lumo
Designer: Thomas Bernstrand
Model: Zero Lighting
Contact: [email protected]

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